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Calibers Lineup

Below is a proportionately sized chart of some common bullet calibers. Use the horizontal scroll bar and click on a bullet to view. You can purchase 3D printed plastic models of these bullets and use them as dummy rounds (at your own risk!) click here to see the GunVGun 3D printing store. If you use this information on your site please credit and link to GunVGun, thanks!

GunLengthsort iconRating
.22 Short0.69" (17.42mm)(none)
.22 Long0.80" (20.27mm)(none)
.25 ACP0.91" (23.11mm)(none)
.380 ACP0.98" (24.99mm)4.00
.32 ACP0.98" (24.99mm)(none)
.22 LR0.98" (25.02mm)(none)
.17 HM21.00" (25.40mm)(none)
.40 S&W1.14" (28.83mm)(none)
.357 SIG1.14" (28.96mm)(none)
9mm1.17" (29.69mm)(none)
10mm Auto1.26" (32.00mm)(none)
.45 ACP1.26" (32.00mm)(none)
.17 HMR1.35" (34.26mm)(none)
.22 Magnum1.35" (34.29mm)(none)
.38 Special1.55" (39.37mm)(none)
.357 Magnum1.59" (40.39mm)(none)
.41 Magnum1.59" (40.39mm)(none)
.45 Colt1.60" (40.64mm)(none)
.50 AE1.61" (40.89mm)(none)
.44 Magnum1.61" (40.89mm)(none)
.454 Casull1.77" (44.96mm)(none)
.500 Magnum2.20" (55.88mm)(none)
.223 Remington2.26" (57.40mm)(none)
.308 Winchester2.80" (71.12mm)(none)
12 Gauge3.00" (76.20mm)(none)
.410 Bore3.00" (76.20mm)(none)
30-06 Springfield3.34" (84.84mm)(none)

This is a list of common calibers, for a more complete list go back to the caliber list page.