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Concealed Carry (CCW)

by gunvgun posted on 05 April 2010

What is concealed carry?

A concealed carry weapon (CCW) is a weapon you hide from public view under your clothing. Under some state laws you must get a license to hide your firearm, as opposed to "open carry" which means you must show your weapon openly. To get a license you must take a class and be able to shoot the gun of your choice. Never show your gun in public, or someone may call the police on you, whether licensed or not! For more information on your particular state click here.

What are the best guns for concealed carry?

The best gun you can get for concealed carry is obviously a gun you can hide under your clothing and be comfortable enough to be carried daily. So the gun has to be small, but it has to be powerful enough to stop an attacker. Meaning if his arm is up with an axe a 22 caliber may not be enough to stop the attack. A 380 caliber is widely accepted for conceal carry. Here are some of the best guns for concealed carry:

  1. Ruger LCP - 380 ACP, 9.4oz
  2. Taurus TCP - 380 ACP, 10.2oz
  3. SIG P238 - 380 ACP, metal frame, 15.2oz
  4. Kel-Tec P3-AT - 380 ACP, 8.3oz
  5. NAA Guardian - 380 ACP, metal frame, 18.72oz
  6. Diamondback DB2 - 380 ACP, 8.8oz
  7. S&W Bodyguard 380 - 380 ACP, 11.85oz with laser
  8. More 380 pocket pistols ...

Some points to remember for CCW ...

Follow these points if you are thinking about being a CCW holder.

  1. Buy a gun that is small but greater than or equal to 380 caliber.
  2. If the gun is too small consider buying finger extensions.
  3. Buy a holster that you are comfortable with: ankle, inside-waste-band (IWB), pocket etc.
  4. Buy only hollow point bullets to compensate for the small size of the bullet.
  5. Optionally buy a small safe for the car in case you are unable to bring it inside a building.
More to come...